NIH Publishes Draft Agenda

The NIH published a draft agenda for the workshop, which can be found here.

The workshop kicks off with a session titled, “State of the Science of NIH-Supported Research Involving Non-Human Primates.”

It then will hold a discussion on the following questions:

  • Why and how does a researcher decide to use a non-human primate model?
  • How do non-human primates uniquely contribute to our understanding of basic biological processes and disease states?
  • What are the emerging scientific opportunities and/or public health needs for which non-human primate research models may be required?

The only thing resembling a discussion of ethics, from what I can see, is the afternoon session discussion the following questions:

  • What are the policies and processes in place regarding the ethical use of non-human primates in NIH-supported research?
  • How does the current oversight framework address ethical and welfare concerns of using non-human primates in NIH-supported research?
  • What is the laboratory and veterinary science evidence base underlying current welfare standards and practices?



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